Julian Strawther

Written By: Jean Hernandez

Staff Reporter

Julian Strawther (11) is the 16 year old who stands at 6 feet and 7 inches and plays for Liberty High School’s (LHS)  men’s basketball team.

With a game point average of 24.3, 8.4 rebounds, and 2.3 assists per game in the 2017-2018 basketball season. He was considered an honorable mention of the MaxPreps Sophomore All-American Basketball Team.

Strawther already has 24 full ride basketball scholarships, and some of those scholarships are from Arizona, USC, Washington, Kansas, Florida St., Florida, and Vegas’ own UNLV.

He began getting scouted by a few colleges when he was just in the 7th grade and at that point, he was only 6 foot.

Strawther began playing basketball at the age of four and throughout the years, he feels like it almost developed into a job. Usually, his everyday workout consisting of working out twice a day and at least six days a week.

Growing up, he idolized Lebron James. He also states that Quincy Pondexter is his biggest mentor. He believes that Pondexter has taught him a lot about the game and has helped him get him where he is today as a player.

Pondexter is a professional basketball player who currently plays for the San Antonio Spurs but played for the Chicago Bulls, New Orleans Pealicans, Memphis Grizzlies, and the New Orleans Hornets. He was drafted by 26th overall by the Oklahoma City Thunder. So being mentored by him is a big thing.

“He’s taught me so much about the game of basketball,” said Strawther.

If you don’t know Strawther, then you might be familiar with his last name due to his sister, Paris Strawther. Being also a graduate basketball player from LHS but she is also a college player for UNLV. This may just show that college ball runs in the Strawther family.

With just a few more years to make his pick and have more scouts give him offers, he still has the 2018-2019 season and the 2019-2020 season to focus on.

Let’s hope the best for Liberty’s own and for his future pick.

 Julian Strawther (11), sitting center

Julian Strawther (11), sitting center

Summer Plans

Designed By: Myrnnda Miller


I went on a cruise to Bermuda and it was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been,
— Jordan Peters (12)
I went to Wisconsin in the beginning of summer. In Wisconsin I visited family and in Wyoming I had friends up and we went ATV-ing a lot of the time.
— Anna Pfarrer (10)
This summer I went to church camp and had literally the best week of my life!! We kayaked, went on zipline, lots of hiking, worshipped god, met cool people from other churches, hung out at a bonfire on the beach, and met lots of cute girls!
— Quinn Wagner (12)
I went to Texas to visit a lot of family and go to my sister’s graduation party. Then I went to pole vault camp and then I hung out with Torri the rest of the summer.
— Alyssa Carson (10)
I went to some parties, I went to Disneyland, and I had a staycation on the strip.
— Callie Addleman (11)
I traveled to New York City (as well as other cities in the state), Massachusetts, Connecticut, Lake Powell (lake in Utah/Arizona), attended girl’s camp, beach trip to Oceanside, CA, another church camp in Provo, Utah, and just hung out with friends here in Vegas.
— Sydney James (11)

Goodbye Perkowski, Hello Fontanarosa

Written by: Makanalei Kaeo


       If you were a junior taking AP Language and Composition last year you had Jeremy Perkowski. It is no secret as to why he is not around anymore. He packed up shop and headed down south to Texas with his family. So now the question is, who’s the new Ap Lang teacher? The answer is Marc Fontanarosa.

       Fontanarosa formally taught English Pre-AP before he took over for Perkowski. He taught the class that would propel the students into AP Lang he thought of it as an extension.

       “It was the Pre-AP class and it was to prepare them for that class (AP Lang),” said Fontanarosa.

       Perkowski and Fontanarosa are said to have very similar teaching styles in the way that they would not baby their students or hold their hands through the course. They were very tough on their kids and made sure never to sugar coat anything and that’s another reason as to why he was a perfect fit for the position.

       “I’m starting off with a little bit of an advantage just because I know them and I have an idea of their strengths and weaknesses,” said Fontanarosa.

       It is a very high possibility that if you had Fontanarosa for Pre-AP in 10th grade you would have him again in 11th grade for AP Lang. This is why he feels that he has an advantage because he has taught this students before and so he knows them well enough to know how they will succeed in the class.

       Every AP teachers goal is to have their students take the AP exam and it’s no different for Fontanarosa. His hopes for this year is to have his kids take the test and do well on it.

       “Big shoes to fill. He did a great job and I hope I can step up and do as good a job as him,” said Fontanarosa when asked about the pressure of taking over for Perkowski.

       Fontanarosa sees this opportunity as a chance to grow and shoot higher. It can be scary going into a new position such as this one but Liberty Patriots will be cheering for his success this year!

 Jeremy Perkowski

Jeremy Perkowski

 Marc Fontanarosa

Marc Fontanarosa

Senior Sunrise

Written by: Myrnnda miller



Waking up before the sun rises isn’t always ideal for those who, on only the first week of school, have a bad case of senioritis. Most just want to roll out of bed ten minutes before the first bell rings and drag their reluctant body to their desk. For some unknown reason, Liberty likes to kick off a student’s senior year with the annual Senior Sunrise.

       Characterized by coming together to watch the sunrise on the home stands on the Freedom Field, Senior Sunrise was held on August 17th. General gathering began at 5 a.m. and the seniors, decorated in their finest DIY crowns, were let onto the field at about half an hour after that.   

       Prior to the event, every senior is given a crown in their government class provided by Burger King to decorate however they may please. As far as the eye could see crowns were decorated to represent clubs, teams, family traditions, and stylistic preferences. Feathers, flowers, and glitter adorned the heads of everyone within eyesight.

Welcome Back Assembly

Written by: Makanalei Kaeo


       Another year, another Welcome Back Assembly for Liberty High School. Nothing much has changed from the previous years. Of course we had our interactive MC's who kept the crowd alive, all our fall sports came out to introduce themselves, and seniors took home yet another win for roll call making it their 15th consecutive win.

       As always cheer and dance had the crowd on their feet and screaming. Their stringent choreography never ceases to leave the audience in awe. The flexibility and creativity shined through and it was obvious.

       In the teacher vs. student game of basketball, the teachers were forced to take the L and hold it. Even though majority of the crowd were rooting for the students to win, there were still some holding out hope for the staff.

       It wouldn't be a Liberty Assembly without some good old fashion games. Members from the fall sports team battled to see who was truly superior. The bean bag race started off bad for the football team when one of them fell, but they picked back up and came back to win the game.

        All in all although some things never change the hype and enthusiasm of the crowd remains the same.