Jump Force

Written By: Jean Hernandez

Staff Reporter

One game that has been anticipated since its announcement has been Jump Force. The video game was created by Spike Chunsoft and features many characters from famous mangas and animes.

This is a fighting game which allows the player to choose three people they want to fight with and allows them to fight another team of three players.

The synopsis of the game is that Frieza, a character from Dragon Ball Z (DBZ), has came to Earth and is causing havoc on the world. Frieza and his villains end up hurting a civilian.

            Goku and Trunks, other characters from DBZ, come in and try revive the civilian and while they are trying, Trunk ends up giving the civilian superhuman like powers.

             As time goes on, the manga worlds start merging into one world to which other characters are crossing over and you, as the civilian, help the characters defeat the forces of evil and try and restore balance.

             Though most of it is basically just three on three fighting matches, it is to also have some bit of drama from the characters. Like people switching sides and even trying to wonder who is behind everything.

              In Jump Force, you'll meet characters from Black Clover, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, One Piece, and even more from popular mangas.

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