Zippy's is Coming to Town

Written By: Makanalei Kaeo


Las Vegas has many nicknames: Sin City, Entertainment Capital of the World, and the Ninth Island.

Vegas has been a hub for many people from Hawaii to move. Liberty itself has an extensive population of Polynesians. If you lived in Hawaii you would be aware of a local restaurant chain called Zippy’s.

The restaurant is a taste of home that is being brought to Vegas this coming 2019. The location is yet to be determined but this is definitely something many locals will be excited for.

Zippy’s is known for many things from their original chili, to their zip packs. The menu is expected to be just like home. It is a great location for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Their infamous Napoleon Bakery is also supposed to be making the move to Vegas. Meaning more baked goodies to bring home a little closer to you.

Be sure to keep an eye out for it and if you haven’t tried it, it is a highly recommended food spot for you and the ohana.