Golden Knights' Epic Comeback

Written By: Joseph Gallegos

Staff Reporter

The Knights are sure looking like themselves again. Currently sitting in 3rd place of the western conference neck and neck with San Jose and Calgary.

Just a month ago the Knights were not even in the playoff picture. But a eight game winning streak helped turn things around. Also the coming out party of Brandon Pirri who had 9 goals in 8 games after being called up from the AHL.

Another reason the Knights may be winning was playing the majority of their last few games at home. The Knights are one of the toughest teams to beat at home.

The Key’s to knights to keep rolling are  keep playing aggressive. Ryan Reaves does a great job with it. Hard hits, and moving fast. Another key is to stay healthy.  Fleury and Max Pacioettry have been on and off the injury report. With them both in, The Knights play a lot better. Lastly, win on the road. The Knights are 13-13-1 on the road. They will need to play a lot better away to be contenders.