New Vegas Teams

Written By: Joseph Gallegos

Staff Reporter

Las Vegas is a growing American sport’s town that up until now, has had the identity of a gambling city. However, in recent years, they are changing that stereotype.

In the last 3 years, Las Vegas has gotten the NHL, NFL, and MLS into the sin city. There are even rumors of the NBA and the MLB hopping on the bandwagon. The NBA has been flirting around with Vegas since the 80’s. Back when the Utah Jazz played 11 home games in Vegas and, in 2007 when the NBA all-star game was held here.

Lastly, every year the NBA summer league is played in Vegas, and the L.A. Lakers, Sacramento Kings, and Golden State Warriors play pre-season games here. As for the MLB, there are pre-season games played every year at Cashman Field. The NBA would be set to make the move as Vegas has the population, the fans, and a brand new arena. The MLB would also have the new baseball stadium opening up in downtown Summerlin in 2019.

One question that must be asked is, can Las Vegas support multiple pro sports teams?

vegas teams.jpg