Lebron comes to Liberty

written by: Joseph Gallegos

staff reporter

After losing his second straight NBA finals to the Golden State Warriors, Lebron James would hit a very busy summer.

One of the main things on Lebron’s agenda was, where was he going to play next season? His 100 million dollar contract expired with the Cleveland Cavaliers making him a free agent. Giving him the freedom to sign with any team of his choice. The Philadelphia 76ers were favorable to land “The King”.

But as the summer progressed Los Angeles started getting his attention. Their offer was very appealing and they had lots of young talent.

The next day after the Lakers met with Lebron, he agreed to sign a 154 million dollar deal to officially make him a Laker.

The very next day his hometown, Cleveland, Ohio, removed his banner right outside the Quick & Loans arena. Meanwhile in L.A., there was a party outside the Staples Center with Laker fans going nuts.

As always, Lebron didn’t seem to care about what people thought about his decision.

Lebron moved on with his summer by going to his son Bronny James’ basketball games. This brought him to Las Vegas. Better yet, Liberty High School.

Lebron wasn’t the only NBA superstar at Liberty. 7 time NBA All Star and former league MVP, Russell Westbrook was in attendance.

To say the Least, Lebron had a very busy summer.