Holiday Playlist: What Are You Listening To?

Written By: Jean Hernandez and Christa Smith

Staff Reporter

The best holiday song has to be Jingle Bell Rock because, you know, it’s just a classic.
— Antonella Revoredo (9).
I really like Santa Baby [by Eartha Kitt]. It feels warm… like having a mug of hot chocolate when it’s snowed in. That’s a great feeling.
— Alejandro Gutierrez (9)
My favorite holiday song is Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses because it combines two of my favorite things - Christmas and musicals.
— Jessica Fancher (10)
For me it would be it’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year because it’s a jolly ole’ tune that everyone knows and love.
— Jason Halim (10)
My favorite holiday song is Jingle Bells because me and my dad will sing it all year then around Christmas we just won’t sing it and it is kind of a family thing.
— Kyla Scarborough (11)
My favorite Christmas playlist is the Carol of the Bells by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
I like it because of the beat and it’s a good Christmas rock song.
— Brandon Cunningham (11)
My favorite holiday song is Last Christmas by Wham! It has a mello sound which is different from other Christmas songs.
— Luan Hernandez (12)
I like Rockin Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee. Honestly I just like it. It makes me get up and dance and do the Carlton.
— Justin Burger (12)