Forever Foos

Written By: Kaniya Toney

Staff Reporter

In Las Vegas, Nevada, we have a very diverse culture. Many people come from many parts of the country and the world here to our state. We celebrate all cultures and arts that people bring with them.

One specific brand that has exhibited this very well is a clothing brand called Forever Foos. This brand embraces the cultures and ethnic backgrounds of individuals from different walks of life.

Daniel Cabrera, a student at Southwest Shadow and founder of Forever Foos, started drawing in fourth grade. Always into what he wore he wanted to make it his own style so he started styling his own shirts, making sure it was clean and crisp. As his peers started to notice his talent , they soon asked him to start designing their shirts as well.

That's how the young entrepreneur began the idea of Forever Foos.  With the help of his parents and youtube on entrepreneurship; he has been able to bring Forever Foos to light.

“I came here to SouthWest and met some friends, and one of them promised me an investment of $5,000,” Cabrera said, “That’s what really got the ball moving.”

For many people, Forever Foos has a certain message that it holds with them. For  Cabrera it meant something special. One of these special things is the logo.

“It means being playful and foolish forever and never caring about anyone or a higher class,” Cabrera said. “That’s the purpose of the jester hat–the jester entertains the king.”

Forever Foos allows everyone to be themselves. Forever Foos will be hosting a very popular event called Foolish Nights on October 19th. Though the venue hasn’t been set, make sure to mark this on your calendars. Don't miss out on this amazing experience

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It Chapter 2

Written By: Alyssa Scott

Staff Reporter

September 6th, the sequel to the 2017 film IT, is going to be released. This movie is a remake of the 1980 film of the same name. It’s also a movie based on the novel by Stephen King.

IT: Chapter Two is going to be a thrilling adventure. The first movie ended off where a group of kids, Losers’ Club, encountered a shapeshifting clown known as Pennywise, who would manipulate children and taunt them with their fears. 

At the end of the first movie, the group believes they have defeated Pennywise but he ends up returning after 27 years. Though the group has been living their own lives in separate places, a member has stayed behind, Mike Hanlon. 

One thing to note is that every 27 years, Pennywise always comes back. Mike has noticed that children are disappearing again. He knows that it’s Pennywise and he calls the others to inform them of the strange activities and that they need to defeat this clown once and for all.

            Initially, they are traumatized by their past, but they must face Pennywise disregarding their fears in order to destroy him for good. Coming back to their hometown they’ll be faced with the same issues encountered just as before. 

           Working together will be a key element in this film. If it works out, he may never return again..


All American Season 2

Written By: CJ Gullotta

Staff Reporter

All American is returning for a season two on October 7th. Based on a true story, Spencer James went through a lot to make his way to the National Football League (NFL), and All American tells his story. Warning, there are spoilers for All American season one ahead.

      The CW premiered a very famous sports drama back in 2018, and Netflix earned rights to stream it in November. This loved show is All American, the story of Spencer James’s journey through highschool and football.

The show will return for a thirteen episode season two. Many fans expect the producers do a great job, as they did with the first season. They also expect all the cliffhangers from the last episode, Championships to be answered.

The show left off with Spencer winning the state championship against his former highschool, South Crenshaw. He feels proud of himself for his championship performance but guilty for taking away the title from his old school and friends.

During the championship Coop was able to get Tyronne arrested by Laura. After fighting him and the gang life through the season, she was able to get out of it all by getting Shawn’s killer arrested. While one hardship is down, she still battles the struggle of her parents not accepting her for who she is. 

Another plot to be carried on is the story of Leila Faisal. She lives alone in a large house on the hills, her dad travels 24/7, her mother passed when she was little, and her dad gets used for his money. She keeps a facade of happiness on the surface, but emotionally she has the hardest time. The last episode left her off with her destroying her own house and the rest of her mother’s records, which is the only thing left of her mother.

One of the momentous cliffhangers was the story of Billy Baker. A former Crenshaw football player, who is now the coach of Beverley. To win state he illegally recruited Spencer James and replaced his son’s drug test with a positive one. Sacrificing everything to win state, he lost everything in the end. The show left off on him signing his letter of resignation.

Coach Baker also had an affair with Spencer’s mom, Grace, and due to this, his whole family resents him. He leaves his home at the end, moving in with his father. This will be one of the most important storylines of season two. Everyone has the same question, what is going to happen to him?

Corey James is the father who left Spencer when he was very young. He was made out to be a bad guy through the season, but as the truth came out to it what was his mother who lied to Spencer. We learn he left because Grace cheated on him, and that the younger brother, Dillion, may be Billy or Corey’s son.

Spencer now understands his father’s reason for leaving, and now feels even closer to him since his father is the only one who has not lied to him. 

The biggest cliffhanger was the question he had for Spencer at the end. He told Spencer that he will be the new coach of South Crenshaw, and asked if Spencer will come back to play for him.

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Avengers: Endgame

Written by: Jean Hernandez

Staff Reporter

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is set to release the final chapter of the Avengers series. The movie Avengers: Endgame was released everywhere on April 26th, 2019.

This movie is the fourth of the series after Avengers: Infinity War. From where Infinity War left off, Endgame should start right after Thanos snapped his fingers and immediately kills half of the universe which includes some of the Marvel superheroes.

Fans of Marvel and practically the world have been waiting for almost a year for this movie to be released and while they waited, some fans have came up with theories on what will happen.

One of the most common theories that one will find is the one about Ant-Man. Someone stated that they think that since Ant-Man can shrink himself and even become larger, he would shrink himself, find a way to enter Thanos and then expand. Though this would immediately kill Thanos due to the fact that his organs and limbs would be destroyed, it seems very unlikely that MCU would make that their plot, though it would be very funny.

The next theory is that Captain Marvel would just take on Thanos by herself and save the uniserve quicker than anyone else. Now this could be possible about her being a huge impact on the Avengers winning since she was saving other planets by herself while everyone was trying to fix the problems on Earth.

Lastly, Thanos just defeats them and these heroes are never brought up again and their legacy is wiped away since Thanos killed everyone. This would be a complete shocker to everyone who loves these movies and characters. This is also the last movie and what a kicker that would be if everything ends in the death of everyone’s beloved superheroes.

Endgame is possibly the biggest movie in 2019 and anyone who's anyone is going to watch this and see a franchise stay their final goodbye.


Down on Their Luck: Blueface and Lil Baby

Kaniya Toney

Staff Reporter

Jonathan “Blueface” Porter and Dominique “Lil Baby” Jones both will be going on tour with the City Girls starting March 13, 2019.

Both rappers have recently come into problems with law enforcement and both were incarcerated.

Blueface was reportedly detained because of possession of a gun, which he would have faced up to 3 years in prison for this felony. However he was released on a $35,000 bail.

Los Angeles County District Attorney Office was interviewed and gave more information about this plight.

“Prior to the gun being found by authorities, the police presence reportedly caused several of Blueface associates to flee the scene, leaving their firearms in the process,” said FNR Ray (Complex).

Lil Baby was detained as well for reckless driving. News of this quickly caught everyone’s attention with a viral picture of the rapper lying face down in the middle of the street.

Lil Baby was released from jail February 7, 2019, and will still be going on the tour with the City Girls along with Blueface.

Both Rappers have had a huge breakout with their music.

Lil Baby came out with multiple songs but the biggest song being “Yes Indeed” featuring Drake.

Blueface came out with the latest Dance craze and viral song that has a remix with rappers like YG, Cardi B, and Nicki Minaj.

Although these rappers faced a huge plight, they were able to overcome it and perform their amazing hits we love today.


Kingdom Hearts

Written By: Christa Smith

Staff Reporter

Kingdoms Hearts is an early/mid 2000s classic for all that grew up playing video games during those years. It is a RPG/adventure series drawing on lovable Disney and Anime characters.

The main cast includes the likes of characters such as Sora and Riku, and even more familiar ones like Mickey Mouse and Goofy.

It would be a 13-year long wait for KH fans to get to the recently released Kingdom Hearts III as the previous release was back in 2005 with Kingdom Hearts II.

This came as a shock to many as the last time an update on development for the game was back in 2013. At last, Tetsuya Nomura made it clear that Kingdom Hearts III was to be released on January 29, 2019.

The first week sales? They were crazy. Square Enix would in their first week alone sell over 5 million units (including physical and digital sales). This would make it the fastest selling installment in the series by far. Similarly, another beloved remake was also on the market, Resident Evil 2, and it also sold units with flying colors.

Even now in mid-February, people continue to rush to the stores to purchase the game and relive the memories of their youth.


Musicians Take Over Vegas: Celebrity Residencies

Written by: Kaniya Toney

Rookie Reporter

Drake, Cardi B, Gwen Stefani, Bruno Mars, Mariah Carey, and Lady Gaga are just a few of today's biggest celebrities who have recently gained new concert residencies in Las Vegas.

A concert residency, also known as “musical residency”, is a series of concerts, similar to a concert tour, but only performed at one location.

Drake has recently just signed a deal January 15, 2019 for a Las Vegas Residency at Wynn’s XS Nightclub for $10 million.

Drake has been hinting at this deal for a long time.

“When I came back, I thought it’d be back at T-Mobile Arena or [something]. But I’ll be back here at XS all year. You’ll have a lot of chances to see me,” said Drake to US weekly

Cardi B has also recently signed for a Las Vegas residency at Palms Casino Kaos venue this spring. The dates will not be available until later on in confirmation and finalization of the deal.

Some veterans in the music industry who are still relevant in today's culture have held the title for the longest running residencies.

Since 2005, the longest running of residencies is held by Donnie and Mary Osmond with 2,557 shows and Britney Spears leading the top 10 with 667 shows.

In Las Vegas, the highest paid residencies are held by artist like Celine Dion,  holding first place with 385 million dollars actual gross (income). Jennifer Lopez is also one of the highest paid residencies with $101.9 million dollars actual gross.

Las Vegas, has some of the biggest celebrities with the most highest paid residencies. From Drake to Cardi B, or Celion Dion to Britney Spears, we all enjoy their music and shows.


Jump Force

Written By: Jean Hernandez

Staff Reporter

One game that has been anticipated since its announcement has been Jump Force. The video game was created by Spike Chunsoft and features many characters from famous mangas and animes.

This is a fighting game which allows the player to choose three people they want to fight with and allows them to fight another team of three players.

The synopsis of the game is that Frieza, a character from Dragon Ball Z (DBZ), has came to Earth and is causing havoc on the world. Frieza and his villains end up hurting a civilian.

            Goku and Trunks, other characters from DBZ, come in and try revive the civilian and while they are trying, Trunk ends up giving the civilian superhuman like powers.

             As time goes on, the manga worlds start merging into one world to which other characters are crossing over and you, as the civilian, help the characters defeat the forces of evil and try and restore balance.

             Though most of it is basically just three on three fighting matches, it is to also have some bit of drama from the characters. Like people switching sides and even trying to wonder who is behind everything.

              In Jump Force, you'll meet characters from Black Clover, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, One Piece, and even more from popular mangas.

jump force.jpg

Zippy's is Coming to Town

Written By: Makanalei Kaeo


Las Vegas has many nicknames: Sin City, Entertainment Capital of the World, and the Ninth Island.

Vegas has been a hub for many people from Hawaii to move. Liberty itself has an extensive population of Polynesians. If you lived in Hawaii you would be aware of a local restaurant chain called Zippy’s.

The restaurant is a taste of home that is being brought to Vegas this coming 2019. The location is yet to be determined but this is definitely something many locals will be excited for.

Zippy’s is known for many things from their original chili, to their zip packs. The menu is expected to be just like home. It is a great location for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Their infamous Napoleon Bakery is also supposed to be making the move to Vegas. Meaning more baked goodies to bring home a little closer to you.

Be sure to keep an eye out for it and if you haven’t tried it, it is a highly recommended food spot for you and the ohana.


Golden Knights' Epic Comeback

Written By: Joseph Gallegos

Staff Reporter

The Knights are sure looking like themselves again. Currently sitting in 3rd place of the western conference neck and neck with San Jose and Calgary.

Just a month ago the Knights were not even in the playoff picture. But a eight game winning streak helped turn things around. Also the coming out party of Brandon Pirri who had 9 goals in 8 games after being called up from the AHL.

Another reason the Knights may be winning was playing the majority of their last few games at home. The Knights are one of the toughest teams to beat at home.

The Key’s to knights to keep rolling are  keep playing aggressive. Ryan Reaves does a great job with it. Hard hits, and moving fast. Another key is to stay healthy.  Fleury and Max Pacioettry have been on and off the injury report. With them both in, The Knights play a lot better. Lastly, win on the road. The Knights are 13-13-1 on the road. They will need to play a lot better away to be contenders.


Coachella: Is it really worth it?

Written By: Alyssa Manterola

Staff Reporter

Coachella 2019: will it be living up to its long lasting hype this year? Coachella will begin on Friday April 12th, and it will end on Sunday April 21st. Rumor is the Travis Scott turned down playing at coachella this year which makes you wonder if it will even be that good.

The first weekend is on April 12-14 the line up consist of Juice World, Kacey Musgraves, Nina Cravis, and Childish Gambino as well as 53 other performers.

The lineup Coachella has for the final weekend, is Anna Lunoe, Bazzi, and H.E.R, and many more incredible performers.

There are three passes available for purchase prior to the start of Coachella. The pass price ranges from $429-$999. The first pass available is the General Admission pass which is being sold for $429. The second pass available is General Admission & Shuttle which comes with an any line shuttle pass which is $509. The final pass for Coachella 2019 is the VIP pass. It is sold for $999, the perks included are access to the VIP section and free 3 day parking.

Since most of the people are attending Coachella from out of state they have camping options that you can buy range from $125-$9,500. The least expensive living arrangement is car camping which is $125 it is the most popular choice to enjoy Coachella all weekend. The most expensive staying arrangement is $9,500 which is Safari Camping. You get golf cart transportation to the event and free parking all weekend.

With Coachella fast approaching people are dying to buy their tickets in advance. Many online websites have began to sell tickets. Websites such as and But your tickets in advance before they are all sold out.


Holiday Playlist: What Are You Listening To?

Written By: Jean Hernandez and Christa Smith

Staff Reporter

The best holiday song has to be Jingle Bell Rock because, you know, it’s just a classic.
— Antonella Revoredo (9).
I really like Santa Baby [by Eartha Kitt]. It feels warm… like having a mug of hot chocolate when it’s snowed in. That’s a great feeling.
— Alejandro Gutierrez (9)
My favorite holiday song is Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses because it combines two of my favorite things - Christmas and musicals.
— Jessica Fancher (10)
For me it would be it’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year because it’s a jolly ole’ tune that everyone knows and love.
— Jason Halim (10)
My favorite holiday song is Jingle Bells because me and my dad will sing it all year then around Christmas we just won’t sing it and it is kind of a family thing.
— Kyla Scarborough (11)
My favorite Christmas playlist is the Carol of the Bells by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
I like it because of the beat and it’s a good Christmas rock song.
— Brandon Cunningham (11)
My favorite holiday song is Last Christmas by Wham! It has a mello sound which is different from other Christmas songs.
— Luan Hernandez (12)
I like Rockin Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee. Honestly I just like it. It makes me get up and dance and do the Carlton.
— Justin Burger (12)


Things To Do: Holiday Edition

Written BY: Joseph Gallegos
Staff Reporter

The holiday season is right around the corner. While living in the entertainment capital of the world, there are many things to do this Holiday season.

To start, Magical Forest, located just minutes from the Las Vegas strip, gives the perfect holiday experience. From riding a train, tubing, ice-skating, and meeting Santa, you’ll surely find something you’ll enjoy.

Next is Toshiba Plaza right outside of the T-mobile arena. It has ice skating, food, and a very large Christmas tree. Also,you may get the chance to catch a Knights game after.

Lastly, if you love chocolate and Christmas lights, Ethel M chocolate factory is the perfect place. This attraction includes a walkthrough of bright christmas lights and a tour of the factory.

      Overall Vegas exceeds expectations when it comes to the holidays.


Life Is Beautiful

Written by: Alyssa manterola

Rookie reporter

Every September, thousands of different creators come to Downtown Las Vegas for a four day weekend of fun called Life is Beautiful. September 21st through September 24th is the weekend this festival will take place.

It varies from musicians to artists to comedians to boat loads of food trucks, everyone excited to be a part of this experience.

There are four different types of tickets available to purchase: GENERAL ADMISSION, VIP, V+ VIP, and ALL IN. Each is filled with a different experience. The tickets ranged from $135 to $2,495.

“I think it’ll have to be Daniel Cesar, not because I’m a huge fan but to see why everyone else loves and relates to his music so much,” said Omar Haneefzai (12).

That weekend’s line up is filled with talent. The four major performers of that weekend were The Weekend, Arcade Fire, Florence + the Machine, and Travis Scott. Followed by artist such as Daniel Cesar, Santigold, and Tyler the Creator and many more that made this weekend one to remember.

September 21st was the official date for the start of Life is Beautiful. The performance line up begins with The Weekend to start the night off followed by Death Cab for Cutie, Justice, CHVCHERS, KL grime, Bazzi, Daniel Cesar, and many more.

September 22nd, the second day of Life is Beautiful, the performer to start off the day is Florence + the Machine followed by Travis Scott, Miguel, AJR, the Drums, Blood orange.

September 23rd, the final night of Life is Beautiful, the last line up until next year will start off with Arcade Fire. DJ Snake as well as First Aid Kit, Gold Link,Tyler the Creator, Lovely the band and so many more will follow.

Life is Beautiful is the perfect destination for all music lovers to get together in one place. Listen to their favorite artist, eat some of their favorite food, enjoy the humor of comedians, and look at some beautiful art.


Lebron comes to Liberty

written by: Joseph Gallegos

staff reporter

After losing his second straight NBA finals to the Golden State Warriors, Lebron James would hit a very busy summer.

One of the main things on Lebron’s agenda was, where was he going to play next season? His 100 million dollar contract expired with the Cleveland Cavaliers making him a free agent. Giving him the freedom to sign with any team of his choice. The Philadelphia 76ers were favorable to land “The King”.

But as the summer progressed Los Angeles started getting his attention. Their offer was very appealing and they had lots of young talent.

The next day after the Lakers met with Lebron, he agreed to sign a 154 million dollar deal to officially make him a Laker.

The very next day his hometown, Cleveland, Ohio, removed his banner right outside the Quick & Loans arena. Meanwhile in L.A., there was a party outside the Staples Center with Laker fans going nuts.

As always, Lebron didn’t seem to care about what people thought about his decision.

Lebron moved on with his summer by going to his son Bronny James’ basketball games. This brought him to Las Vegas. Better yet, Liberty High School.

Lebron wasn’t the only NBA superstar at Liberty. 7 time NBA All Star and former league MVP, Russell Westbrook was in attendance.

To say the Least, Lebron had a very busy summer.


New Vegas Teams

Written By: Joseph Gallegos

Staff Reporter

Las Vegas is a growing American sport’s town that up until now, has had the identity of a gambling city. However, in recent years, they are changing that stereotype.

In the last 3 years, Las Vegas has gotten the NHL, NFL, and MLS into the sin city. There are even rumors of the NBA and the MLB hopping on the bandwagon. The NBA has been flirting around with Vegas since the 80’s. Back when the Utah Jazz played 11 home games in Vegas and, in 2007 when the NBA all-star game was held here.

Lastly, every year the NBA summer league is played in Vegas, and the L.A. Lakers, Sacramento Kings, and Golden State Warriors play pre-season games here. As for the MLB, there are pre-season games played every year at Cashman Field. The NBA would be set to make the move as Vegas has the population, the fans, and a brand new arena. The MLB would also have the new baseball stadium opening up in downtown Summerlin in 2019.

One question that must be asked is, can Las Vegas support multiple pro sports teams?

vegas teams.jpg