Holiday Playlist: What Are You Listening To?

Written By: Jean Hernandez and Christa Smith

Staff Reporter

The best holiday song has to be Jingle Bell Rock because, you know, it’s just a classic.
— Antonella Revoredo (9).
I really like Santa Baby [by Eartha Kitt]. It feels warm… like having a mug of hot chocolate when it’s snowed in. That’s a great feeling.
— Alejandro Gutierrez (9)
My favorite holiday song is Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses because it combines two of my favorite things - Christmas and musicals.
— Jessica Fancher (10)
For me it would be it’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year because it’s a jolly ole’ tune that everyone knows and love.
— Jason Halim (10)
My favorite holiday song is Jingle Bells because me and my dad will sing it all year then around Christmas we just won’t sing it and it is kind of a family thing.
— Kyla Scarborough (11)
My favorite Christmas playlist is the Carol of the Bells by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
I like it because of the beat and it’s a good Christmas rock song.
— Brandon Cunningham (11)
My favorite holiday song is Last Christmas by Wham! It has a mello sound which is different from other Christmas songs.
— Luan Hernandez (12)
I like Rockin Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee. Honestly I just like it. It makes me get up and dance and do the Carlton.
— Justin Burger (12)

Things To Do: Holiday Edition

Written BY: Joseph Gallegos
Staff Reporter

The holiday season is right around the corner. While living in the entertainment capital of the world, there are many things to do this Holiday season.

To start, Magical Forest, located just minutes from the Las Vegas strip, gives the perfect holiday experience. From riding a train, tubing, ice-skating, and meeting Santa, you’ll surely find something you’ll enjoy.

Next is Toshiba Plaza right outside of the T-mobile arena. It has ice skating, food, and a very large Christmas tree. Also,you may get the chance to catch a Knights game after.

Lastly, if you love chocolate and Christmas lights, Ethel M chocolate factory is the perfect place. This attraction includes a walkthrough of bright christmas lights and a tour of the factory.

      Overall Vegas exceeds expectations when it comes to the holidays.

Story Submissions

Buzz Buzz

Written By: Daniel Britt

Staff Reporter

I was sitting in my room on the night of October 30th, 2010. The day before my favorite holiday, or at least what was my favorite holiday before I got the text that ruined everything.

My name is Zoey Price, I’m a junior at Calabasas High School in California. I just moved here to California from Wisconsin because of my dad’s job.

The night of October 30th, my parents had gone out for dinner with my dad’s boss and I was left home alone. It was around 8:30 at night and I was just sitting on the couch watching my favorite Netflix show ‘Riverdale’. Buzz, Buzz as my phone went off. I picked up my phone to read the text I had gotten from a blocked number.

It was a picture of me through my window. I looked slowly to the window the picture was taken from with chills running down my back. I was scared for my life. The window was wide open. I stood up to go shut it but I was moving as slow as a sloth, scared for my life.

Buzz, Buzz  I jumped sacredly, I looked at my phone, another text message from the blocked caller. “You look very cute tonight Zoey, should I come in?” When I saw that text message I sprinted upstairs to my room and locked my door so quickly.

The room was pitch dark. My tv in my room was off one second and the next it turned on and it was the only light in my room and it was on Spotify and it started  playing music very loudly. When I got up to go turn it off I heard footsteps walking down the hallway up stairs on the creaking wood floors. I picked up my phone and called my mom but no answer from her.

20 minutes went by of me just sitting in my room alone in the dark. I finally got the guts to stand up and go look downstairs and there was nothing I could find. I went back up to my room and was still scared, so I locked my door. I walked back over to the window. There he stood, a black shadow that was waving at me. I couldn’t take my eyes off him almost like he had been forcing me to look at him.

Buzz, Buzz I looked down at my phone crying. The phone said, “Turn around”. I started screaming in fear and hopelessness and then looked back up at the window, the man was gone.

I finally decided to turn around after crying my eyes out and out of fear to know what was behind me. A hand came onto my shoulder. I quickly turned around, nothing was there.

Ever since that night I have never been the same. I never found out was behind me and wish I would've turned around quicker. I live with regret now and I am scared to be alone. It has been two years since the incident and I still feel like the man is behind me wherever I am or go.

The Liberty Tribune welcomes artists of all kind. Whether the media be in the form of drawings, paintings, creative writing, or music, we’d love to share your talent. To submit a piece of work, email

Life Is Beautiful

Written by: Alyssa manterola

Rookie reporter

Every September, thousands of different creators come to Downtown Las Vegas for a four day weekend of fun called Life is Beautiful. September 21st through September 24th is the weekend this festival will take place.

It varies from musicians to artists to comedians to boat loads of food trucks, everyone excited to be a part of this experience.

There are four different types of tickets available to purchase: GENERAL ADMISSION, VIP, V+ VIP, and ALL IN. Each is filled with a different experience. The tickets ranged from $135 to $2,495.

“I think it’ll have to be Daniel Cesar, not because I’m a huge fan but to see why everyone else loves and relates to his music so much,” said Omar Haneefzai (12).

That weekend’s line up is filled with talent. The four major performers of that weekend were The Weekend, Arcade Fire, Florence + the Machine, and Travis Scott. Followed by artist such as Daniel Cesar, Santigold, and Tyler the Creator and many more that made this weekend one to remember.

September 21st was the official date for the start of Life is Beautiful. The performance line up begins with The Weekend to start the night off followed by Death Cab for Cutie, Justice, CHVCHERS, KL grime, Bazzi, Daniel Cesar, and many more.

September 22nd, the second day of Life is Beautiful, the performer to start off the day is Florence + the Machine followed by Travis Scott, Miguel, AJR, the Drums, Blood orange.

September 23rd, the final night of Life is Beautiful, the last line up until next year will start off with Arcade Fire. DJ Snake as well as First Aid Kit, Gold Link,Tyler the Creator, Lovely the band and so many more will follow.

Life is Beautiful is the perfect destination for all music lovers to get together in one place. Listen to their favorite artist, eat some of their favorite food, enjoy the humor of comedians, and look at some beautiful art.


Lebron comes to Liberty

written by: Joseph Gallegos

staff reporter

After losing his second straight NBA finals to the Golden State Warriors, Lebron James would hit a very busy summer.

One of the main things on Lebron’s agenda was, where was he going to play next season? His 100 million dollar contract expired with the Cleveland Cavaliers making him a free agent. Giving him the freedom to sign with any team of his choice. The Philadelphia 76ers were favorable to land “The King”.

But as the summer progressed Los Angeles started getting his attention. Their offer was very appealing and they had lots of young talent.

The next day after the Lakers met with Lebron, he agreed to sign a 154 million dollar deal to officially make him a Laker.

The very next day his hometown, Cleveland, Ohio, removed his banner right outside the Quick & Loans arena. Meanwhile in L.A., there was a party outside the Staples Center with Laker fans going nuts.

As always, Lebron didn’t seem to care about what people thought about his decision.

Lebron moved on with his summer by going to his son Bronny James’ basketball games. This brought him to Las Vegas. Better yet, Liberty High School.

Lebron wasn’t the only NBA superstar at Liberty. 7 time NBA All Star and former league MVP, Russell Westbrook was in attendance.

To say the Least, Lebron had a very busy summer.


New Vegas Teams

Written By: Joseph Gallegos

Staff Reporter

Las Vegas is a growing American sport’s town that up until now, has had the identity of a gambling city. However, in recent years, they are changing that stereotype.

In the last 3 years, Las Vegas has gotten the NHL, NFL, and MLS into the sin city. There are even rumors of the NBA and the MLB hopping on the bandwagon. The NBA has been flirting around with Vegas since the 80’s. Back when the Utah Jazz played 11 home games in Vegas and, in 2007 when the NBA all-star game was held here.

Lastly, every year the NBA summer league is played in Vegas, and the L.A. Lakers, Sacramento Kings, and Golden State Warriors play pre-season games here. As for the MLB, there are pre-season games played every year at Cashman Field. The NBA would be set to make the move as Vegas has the population, the fans, and a brand new arena. The MLB would also have the new baseball stadium opening up in downtown Summerlin in 2019.

One question that must be asked is, can Las Vegas support multiple pro sports teams?